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2018 District Champions
District Meet Results
Varsity Boys- 1st Place
Individual Results:
Riley Elrod-1st
Gaberial Daniel-2nd
Koy Bell-3rd
Johnny Lujan-6th
Max Perales-11th
Jorge Perales-13th

Varsity Girls
Shailyn Kendrick-1st
Alejandra Perales-8th
Citlali Perales-23rd

JV Girls
Zoe Flores-8th

JH Girls
Tiffany Mollette-15th
Ana Daniel-19th

JH Boys
Kaeden Krebsbach - 3rd

The Varsity Boys are all advancing to Regional in San Angelo on 10-22. Shailyn and Alejandra are also advancing. The entire team has done a great job this year, and their times continue to improve every week.
Hamlin Meet Results
Several students placed very high in the Hamlin Cross Country Meet.

Varsity Girls
Shailyn Kendrick 4th 13:08
Alejandra Perales 20th 14:13

Varsity Boys
Gaberial Daniel 9th 18:08
Koy Bell 15th 18:38
Riley Elrod 16th 18:39
Johnny Lujan 21st 18:58

JH Boys
Kaeden Krebsbach 17th 10:00

JH Girls
Ana Daniel 24th 11:37

Several runners had personal best times for the year. The team continues to improve ahead of district on October 10th.
2018 District Meet
Rotan Meet Results
Rotan CC Invitational Results

Varsity Boys- 1st Place Team
3rd-Gaberial Daniel
4th-Koy Bell
6th-Riley Elrod
8th-Johnny Lujan
13th-Max Perales
14th-Jorge Perales

Varsity Girls
1st-Shailyn Kendrick
9th-Alejandra Perales
24th-Citali Perales
33rd-Zoe Flores

JH Boys
4th-Kaeden Krebsbach

8th Girls
5th-Ana Daniel

7th Girls
1st-Tiffany Mollette

Our runners did a great job and really represented Rotan very well !
Thanks to all the helpers who made the meet a great success.
Coleman Meet Results
Coleman Cross Country Meet 9-10-18

Varsity Boys Team: 4th
Riley Elrod 13th
Gaberial Daniel 17th
Koy Bell 24th
Johnny Lujan 27th
Max Perales 50th
Jorge Perales 51st

Varsity Girls
Shailyn Kendrick 6th

JV Girls
Alejandra Perales 1st
Citali Perales 6th
Zoe Flores 18th

8th Girls
Ana Daniel 27th

7th Girls
Tiffany Mollette 33rd

JH Boys
Kaeden Krebsbach 22nd

Everyone improved from last week and did a great job competing against larger schools.
Eula Meet Results
Eula Cross Country Meet 9-4-18

JH Boys
Kaeden Krebsbach 18th 8:27

JV Girls
Alejandra Perales 1st 13:47
Citali Perales 5th 14:32

Varsity Girls
Shailyn Kendrick 17th 13:17

Varsity Boys Team-7th
Riley Elrod 19th 20:11
Koy Bell 38th 21:26
Johnny Lujan 59th 23:35
Max Perales 63rd 24:07
Jorge Perales 67th 24:20